How do I add Projects, Experience, Education or Contact details?

Login to profylo → Projects → Select 'Add Projects', simply fill all the details and click on 'Save Project'. Follow the same steps to add experience, education, contact, etc.

How do I update or delete any entry?

Login to profylo → Projects → Click on options button of any project where you can view, update or delete any project. You can also click on any project, after opening which, you can find an 'Update button'.

Where to find my Personal link/QR code?

You can find your personal sharing link and Qr code by clicking on the 'Share' button on the top navigation bar besides your profile picture. The sharable link is basically https://profylo.com/username. You can also find the QR code in the Dashboard panel of the application.

How do I change my template?

Login to profylo → Themes → You will find a list of templates here. You can click on 'Preview' to check preview of the selected template or click on 'Apply' to apply the template and make it live!

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