Where do I find Templates to apply?

Login to Profylo → Navigate to Templates. You can find all the templates here, Free as well as Pro.

How do I apply any template to my Portfolio?

Login to profylo → Themes → You will find a list of templates here. You can click on 'Preview' to check preview of the selected template or click on 'Apply' to apply the template and make it live!

How often can I change my template for the Portfolio?

You can change and update your template as often as you like - there's no restrictions! The applied template will directly be live on your portfolio.

What happens to my selected template when my Pro plan expires?

Profylo is free and does not have any expiry date. If you have applied any template from the PRO plan and it expires, the default template will be applied to your portfolio. You can always change the default template to any Free or PRO template from the Themes page later.

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